The New Jeep Pickup Will Debut at the End of November!

In late October, organizers of the LA Auto Show announced a roster of vehicles that will be unveiled at the Los Angeles Convention Center November 26-29. Buried in the middle of a press release about the event, the words "...and a pickup truck from Jeep" caught our eye and quickened our pulse. This looks to be confirmation of one of the auto industry's worst-kept secrets, that Jeep is building a pickup truck to offer for the 2020 model year.

There have been rumblings in the automotive press of a new Jeep pickup for some time now, with rumors of a diesel engine, soft top convertible form, as well as claims of leaked documents regarding the pickup's pulling and hauling capabilities. Heck, there are even two names being floated out there, with the early reports of "Scrambler" now being replaced by the "Gladiator" moniker that originated with a 2005 concept pickup.

Recent reports indicate that the pickup will be offered in three trim levels, and feature an exterior styling that's clearly related to the recently-updated Jeep Wrangler SUV. In fact, it's expected that the pickup will come with the same powertrain options as the Wrangler, as well as the standard front-wheel drive setup.

The new vehicle is expected to be built at the company's Toledo, OH plant, with production expected to kick off before the end of 2018. Like many of you, the entire team here at Hoyte Dodge RAM Chrysler Jeep is eager to see this pickup's debut, and you can expect us to keep providing more information about this model as we learn it.

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